In June 2012 (edit: was that my mistake?), Jesus repeatedly told me to carry the keyboard up the hill. He told me that if I kept carrying the keyboard up the hill, things would go well for me. The weight of the keyboard was carried with a strap over the right shoulder.


 In probably early July, Jesus told me to carry the keyboard up the hill each day until August. He told me to do it every day unless he told me other, that there would be circumstance in which I would not, and during a hot spell he would let me off. He told me that in August I was going to have a fight with a heavy MI5 agent, that the MI5 agent would start it, and that I didn't need to worry or consider tactics as he would fight the MI5 agent using my body. He warned me that he would use my strength and told me that if I carried the keyboard up the hill each day I would be strong enough. He then warmly told me that if I did what he had told me he would give me extra strength.


 On 13 Aug, around 4.30 PM, on the otherwise empty eastbound platform at Hyde Park Corner, I was attacked by a burly young man, wearing a mac, around 5.11 (or probably taller) and at least 15 stone. I'm 5.9 and 11 stone. His manner, voice and hair reminded me of Boris Johnson. He was with at least one accomplice. I thought they were around 23 years old. I would have had my back turned other than Jesus had taken control. As I was getting off the train, Jesus took control of my body, heart and legs (not my mind) - it felt really good; mild, bionic and clean. Jesus cheerfully told me we were going to do a hit on the hit man. My mind was not expecting it. 

Having Jesus control stepped off the train, my attention was taken by a guy running by close to the wall, who I was aware was a bad one. I was aware I would normally turn left to walk along the platform. I recalled God had made me aware of a guy running by looking in the carraige as I was trying to get by people to get off, to indicate whether I was getting off, before Jesus had entered me. I knew something was going on. I thought they were 2 different people yet I realised they were the same person. They had both been running in the same direction and could not be the same person but they were the same person. As the guy ran by I was aware there was a big blond one further back who was going to attack me. I was aware I had seen them on the platform at South Kensington. (I think there were 3 of them at South Kensington).  My mind had not paid them attention but I had been warned from inside my body but my mind had not been interested in the warning. I had not been interested in them. Although I was aware of him now and saw him in the minds eye, I did not literally see him. 

At the time, just before the collision, I was under the impression that God had been confusing me by such as 2 people running by being the same person, and had a quiet awareness that he might be sending my mind away so the mind would not interfere with the body, God and Jesus would control the body.

I Jesus control staggered, like I was drunk, made some movement with Jesus controlling, which I was aware had confused, I swayed to the right, shoulder protruding. There was a really heavy collision as the heavy guy sprinted into my right side. During the collision I was blacked out, possibly because my eyes were shut, yet calmly aware I was not budging and was pushing up with my shoulder. I was aware my body was giving a hostile reaction with my shoulder pushing up against his ribs and that he deserved it. I was aware it was survival as with the speed he was travelling the alternative was my head on concrete. Although I was making the physical effort, I was aware my mind was away and could not react as fast as that. Jesus had very quick reactions. It was Jesus controlling the body. It was a big physical effort.

He probably had a damaged rib cage.


 I came to, with the assailant off me (before or after I saw presumably mildly concusive vision alternate versions of what had happened to him) doing a bit of nimble footwork. I was aware Jesus had controlled my legs while I was gone. I considered I had probably been out for about a second. For a few days I had like a mild hangover that I assume was mild concussion. It was a really big collision. I was not injured.


 There may be some interesting footage - front on - of the other guy further up the platform while 'the young Boris' was on the ground.


'What happened was best for Milo. He was young, naive and had been trained to kill. Being a professional killer would have been a bad life for him.'

Whether relevant, there appeared to be no photos of Andrew Udny-Lister in newspapers to accompany the news of his death.

If you get the opportunity, try standing on an otherwise empty tube platform (the train had remained in the platform) having been attacked by someone you believe to be an MI5 agent who is on the ground, while another one crapping his pants runs away. Its bliss.