'In the absence of soft tissues, such as the pouch and reproductive system, fossil marsupials can be distinguished from placentals by the form of their teeth; primitive marsupials possess four pairs of molar teeth in each jaw, whereas placental mammals never have more than three pairs' 

Benton, Michael J. (1997). Vertebrate Palaeontology. London: Chapman & Hall. p. 306.

Two-toed sloths and white-tailed deer are examples of placental mammals with four pairs.

UNSCEAR 2011 Chernobyl Report:

'There is no scientific evidence of increases in overall cancer incidence or mortality rates or in rates of non-malignant disorders that could be related to radiation exposure.' (4)

According to the European CanCer association:

'But the statistics also reveal a rise in the incidence of cancer cases, which means that whatever factors help contribute to the disease are gaining importance in the general population. 

The numbers show that the incidence of the condition rose by about 20 percent between 2002 and 2008, from 2.1 million to 2.5 million cases. 

The data are presented in a special issue of the ECCO official publication, the European Journal of Cancer. ECCO is the European CanCer Organization, which plays a critical role in cancer prevention and treatment.' (5)

Example 3

'In essence, Dr. Gisin sent pairs of photons in opposite directions to villages north and south of Geneva along optical fibers of the kind used to transmit telephone calls. Reaching the ends of these fibers, the two photons were forced to make random choices between alternative, equally possible pathways.

Since there was no way for the photons to communicate with each other, ''classical'' physics would predict that their independent choices would bear no relationship to each other. But when the paths of the two photons were properly adjusted and the results compared, the independent decisions by the paired photons always matched, even though there was no physical way for them to communicate with each other.'

http://www.nytimes.com/1997/07/22/science/far-apart-2-particles-respond-faster-than-light.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm (6)

Consider the above with regard to:


'While most DNA replicates with fairly high fidelity, mistakes do happen, with polymerase enzymes sometimes inserting the wrong nucleotide or too many or too few nucleotides into a sequence. Fortunately, most of these mistakes are fixed through various DNA repair processes. Repair enzymes recognize structural imperfections between improperly paired nucleotides, cutting out the wrong ones and putting the right ones in their place. But some replication errors make it past these mechanisms, thus becoming permanent mutations. These altered nucleotide sequences can then be passed down from one cellular generation to the next, and if they occur in cells that give rise to gametes, they can even be transmitted to subsequent organismal generations.' (7)

DNA Replication and Causes of Mutation By: Leslie A. Pray, Ph.D.

Try the words exercise and intent. 


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