Having been told by Jesus to go to Euston and take the N5 as he wanted to show me something (I had been in the habit of taking a different route), I was on the busy Northbound N5 which, unreported in the press, arrived at the Mingwei Tan crime scene before the police. After a while we all had to alight there.

According to the press:


'A student dragged a mile to her death after a hit and run outside a London hospital was a brilliant Cambridge medical undergraduate, it emerged.

Mingwei Tan was due to start her third year at the university's Peterhouse College, where she was studying medical science. She was also the president of the Cambridge University karate club.

But the 20-year-old was killed by the hit and run outside Hampstead's Royal Free Hospital.'


Mingwei's body was over 100 metres south of a large unsmeared pool of blood in the road close to Belsize Park tube station. Unlike others, I did not want to look at Mingwei and did not examine the area directly around her. However, I did examine the road between her and the pool of blood. There was not a drop of blood. The pool of blood might have been poured.

Beside the pool of blood was an open battered looking handbag. When I examined there - this was after a big police officer had been standing there - there was no clump of hair and no mobile phone. There were no drops of blood around the large unsmeared pool of blood.

North of the pool of blood, there were no drops of blood in the road between the pool of blood and where I turned left at the garage. There was no blood at the Beslize Park bus stop.

It was apparent that Mingwei had not been dragged down Haverstock Hill.

The many police who arrived at Haverstock Hill stood out as male and white.

Although there was a major hospital around the corner, Mingwei was only dealt with by police paramedics.  The police paramedics were the first police I saw at the scene.

The police were originally looking for a black saloon:

'Police examined CCTV footage from a shop near the station which showed a black saloon car braking suddenly outside at around the time of the incident.'


That appears to possibly coincide with the pool of blood. However, Mingwei's plimsoles were reportedly found outside the Royal Free Hospital:

'It is thought that the woman was dragged there from the Royal Free Hospital which is about a mile away in Hampstead, where police found her shoes.

One resident said: "There were two white plimsolls in the road, a few metres away from the hospital.

That must have been where the girl was hit"'


A bus driver, Shariar Firzouzian, was arrested. I later contacted his solicitor. As far as I was aware I received no reply. Two years after being arrested he was found Not Guilty.

A witness James Gautrey - a Global Equity Analyist at Schroders - lent weight to the theory that Mingwei had been dragged from the hospital:

'Witness James Gautrey said he heard a mixture of a bang, a crunch and a thud" and saw a bus grind to a halt outside Marks & Spencer in South End Green.'


Marks & Spencer is just before the Royal Free Hospital. There have been no reports of blood there. 


Shariar Firzouzian was reported as telling the police he thought he had run over a bottle then a fox:


' In his statement, he said: "I think it was a bottle left behind the hospital when I picked up an old black lady." He added: "I think it was a fox just after Belsize Park rail station."'




It is not clear whether that was hypothetical during questioning.


 Wheras some people on the Northbound N5 may not have paid attention, a few did. Wheras others would be better witnesses for the area directly around Mingwei (I overheard that it was 'a very strange crime scene'), I paid careful attention to the rest of the road. Whether any of the others have been too afraid..

Common sense indicates that if someone has been dragged under a bus:

'She said: "Police stopped us and said we had to get off because someone had been hurt. When I got off I could see a man's body lying in the road and a trail of blood behind it.

"The trail went up the street where he had been dragged and there was also blood on the road that had been left by the wheels."'


Andrew Ekechi, 29, said: "This poor guy's body was just sticking out from under the bus. It was horrific to see. There was a trail of blood behind the bus.."


It is inconceivable that any of the police officers present believed she had been dragged down Haverstock Hill.

'The court was shown CCTV footage from both the N24 and Firouzian's bus in the moments before Ms Tan was hit.

Mr Reid said: 'Ms Tan is seen walking up Hampstead Road towards the junction with Pond Street, and she crosses Pond Street from the south to the north on the west side of the junction.

'This is at the time when Mr Firouzian is turning right into Pond Street, therefore she is crossing the road directly in front of him.

'He totally fails to see her.

'She is caught by the bus and dragged underneath it towards the offside.'


A problem is there is no Hampstead Road there.

"During the course of the trial some key aspects of the prosecution evidence, particularly with regards to expert evidence, were undermined."

Is that a polite way of saying fabrication?