NotTheTalk to a large extent replaced The Guardian's discussion forum.

In the discussion in the Redirected (Previously)  link above, I had suggested that the Guardian journalist Nick Davies should not have paid child prostitutes to go in his car (see Section 20 of his Witness Statement to the Leveson Inquiry*), had pointed out he had set a template for peadophiles and suggested he should instead have taken the children to a cafe, and had been comparing what he did with the investigative methods of journalists Mazher Mahmood** when, in post #391, a poster called TAFKABO asserted, bizarrely, that I was having a spectacularly minty meltdown.


 As a coincidence, I had not known Minty until shortly before. The word minty had been similarly used on NotTheTalk literally a few times in many months. TAFKABO had never before used the word minty on NotTheTalk.

In a later discussion  -

 - a busking Dave, fictitious or other, was discussed with another poster.

The next day, a shock from TAFKABO:

I have a close friend called Daisy, and my dog had been called Daisy. 

Whereas the Daisy connection would have been available to general officials, to have known about Minty would have required high level surveillance.