Jesus told me in a dream to tell the boffins E = pn1.

When I was 17, at the tail end of a magic mushroom trip (there seemed to be a bit of life or a vision from God in the tail - which might have had nothing to do with the mushroooms)  I probably mysteriously read in the introduction of a mathematics book:

'Everything is maths. Chemical reactions are simply maths. Molecules and atoms are following the law of maths. There is an area called quantum where very small objects, so small that they have so very little mass they have no mass, and they actually do have no mass; are found to be in different places at the same time. It may be that those very small objects that are in many places at the same time are all the same one very small object. We do not know whether there are many small objects that individually of each other are each in many places at the same time, or whether there is just one very small unit of energy that is everywhere in the universe at the same time. Everything is very small at quantum level and we cannot see what is going on. We can see some of what is going on. As we can see many small objects that individually are each in different places at the same time, it makes sence that they all would be one object. We do not know that everything in the universe is one very small object, but it makes sence that it would be. Taking the premesis that there are many small objects in the universe that are in different places at the same time, and that they all may be the same object; it does not seem to follow the law of maths.  Although it does not seem to follow the law of maths, it does follow the law of maths. There is nothing in the universe that does not follow the law of maths. If it is a different law of maths which we do not understand, we therefor have to advance our understanding of maths. Or it may be something simple which we already know and which we have overlooked. There is nothing that happens in the universe that does not happen in maths. That is uncontroversial. An area of controversy is there are some people who believe there is nothing in that is true in maths that does not happen somewhere in the universe: if something is apparently true in mathematics but we do not know of it happening in the universe, it must happen somewhere in the universe and we should try to find it. There is growing evidence that points to those people being correct. We tend to find that what is true in maths does happen in the universe, to the extent that we conclude they are correct. As those people are correct, we know we can discover for free more about the universe we live in by advancing our understanding of maths.'


X = Y x Xes appeared then (and was in a dream many years later). Certainly, during or at the end of the reading I was aware of mathematics involving sub atomic particles not being of the normal kind but being controlled by God. I saw in space. Although I was in a room I could not see the room, all I could see was space. I was aware Hawkwind would be pleased with me. I was aware The Father would be pleased with me. I considered what were called mushroom visions were just such as swirling lines and distortion of the view, whereas this vision was all encompassing, very clear and was a real vision. I was aware this was a vision from The Father. I saw in space, close to a small planet with no atmosphere, an area of purple where very small particles were manifesting from nothing, which I was aware was against the human law of mathematics and was controlled by God. That area stood out as purple.